Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Children's Film Festival ~ Seattle

The above festival is currently being presented by the Northwest Film Forum, and my student classical film, "Pretend" is being shown on the 26th, 28th, and Feb 3rd!

I havent been able to attend thus far, but I hope to get to go on the third (since I missed the other two). There are also some other animations being shown that were done by other VFS students, including Choom Lam's Flash film, "Bobble and Sqweek!"

If I am able to attend, I will post a report on how it went.

2/6/07 Update: Unfortunately, I was unable to attend. I was able to make it to Seattle on the 3rd to see Persepolis (which was awesome!!!) but I wasnt able to get my stuff together quickly enough to make it to the festival. (The show was sold out and I wanted to bring my husband and 2 guests with me... oh well).

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