Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gifted painting

I made this painting for some friends of mine who recently had a daughter tamed Terabinth. I decided to make a watercolor painting for them with my favorite character of mine, Kayla, sleeping under a Terabinth tree. I took a couple pictures of the process.

Equipment: Being sure I have all of this is improtant. Note the sketches and color experiments before I start the drawing. And the hot cup of chai tea with cream on the side. Not too close to the brush-water, now.

Pencil and inking is done.

Added in some blue shadow before applying the watercolor to give it some depth.

The finished painting. Proof that a decent painting can be done with cheap equipment.

Framed and ready to give.

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Zach and Tamarack said...

the most cherished gift ever!