Friday, January 21, 2011


I have finally discovered the only tool that helps me come close to capturing the epicness of my Mr. Floofy Pants.  A.k.a. Andy.  It's my new brush pen, which I think I'm slowly getting addicted to.  Enjoy.


kevin hinkel said...
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kevin hinkel said...

this is a beautiful and sophisticated piece. it reminds me a lot of beatrix potter's or lisbeth zwerger's style or another famous female illustrator's style. traditional, pencil lines and water color.... love it!

Temris Ridge said...

Wow, thanks Kev! I used a a brush pen for the lines, pencil for the shadows, and Photoshop for colors. I'm finding starting with organic materials seems to really help get back to art basics. Glad it's doing what I hoped! =)