Monday, September 23, 2013

Painting Day 9/21/13

Went out with the Portland Urban Sketchers to do a little Plein Air painting of the sculpture at Pettygrove Park. I got this far and it started POURING.  I wish I could have gotten it finished!

Some of us decided we hadn't done enough painting yet, so we wandered over to the PSU farmer's market and I chose to paint the flowers at the flower shop.

 Then I got home and decided I needed to paint some more, so I painted this guy based on a sketch I did at the zoo, back in July


Janene said...

Lovely sketches, Temris! The "unfinished" one of the sculpture looks great to me as it is. You did a good job capturing the gleam of all of that reflected light.

Vicky said...

I agree with Janene about your sculpture painting. It's really nice! I'm still impressed with how quickly you were able to capture those gorgeous flowers in the short time at the market. Thanks for sharing your work. I'm looking forward to a longer trip through your blog.

Temris Ridge said...

Thanks, ladies! I look forward to more painting day gatherings. It's quite inspiring and energizing. =)