Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another zoo day with ASIFA Portland!

We had an awesome group of animation artists partake in another ASIFA Portland zoo day (that I organized cuz--  I LOVE this kind of thing).  What a blast, and so inspiring to hang out with like-minded drawers.  Yay!

(Curious about ASIFA Portland? Check out:


JoAnn L. Hill said...

Hi Temris, really enjoyed your sketches. They are so fun. Upur work is terrific. I'm pleased to hear you are signed up for a watercolor class. It could give you another direction that might add a new approach to some of your work. If not, hope you have fun with it. Ed is just completing

Hello Temris, I thoroughly enjoyed your sketches. They are so well done and so much fun, I'm pleased to hear your signed for a watercolor class. I think you'll enjoy it and it may add a new spice to your drawings. Not that they need any.

Ed is almost through completing our web-site. he has put on loads of my paintings, He's my best fan. You might want to take a look tomorrow or after.
Love you Grandma

JoAnn L. Hill said...

Hi Temris, Really enjoyed your sketches. Nicely done and fun. What a great day, zoo sketching must be! Keep up the good work and keep stretching. It's always good for all of us. Your doing just fine!
Grandma J.